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Kynance Cove

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Emma - 27 May, 2024

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Discover Kynance Cove: Cornwall's Coastal Gem

Located on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula, Kynance Cove is a stunning natural wonder and one of our favourite places to visit during the spring or early summer. Known for its azure waters, dramatic cliffs, and white-gold sand, it’s a top destination for those seeking a unique Cornish experience. 


Amazing Geology

Kynance Cove is not just beautiful; it’s also geologically important. The cove features unique rock formations made of serpentinite. A type of rock which can have a scaly texture, like the scales of a snake. These colourful rocks, in shades of red, green, and black, contrast beautifully with the blue sea. This area also supports rare plants, adding to its ecological importance. The small island is called Asparagus Island after the wild asparagus that grows there.

Image of Serpentinite rock at Kynance Cove

Serpentinite rock at Kynance Cove © Find Me a Beach


Rich History

In the Victorian era, Kynance Cove became a popular tourist spot, attracting visitors like Alfred Lord Tennyson and Prince Albert. One of the rocks was named after him following a visit to the cove with his children. Despite its remote location, people were drawn to its gorgeous scenery.

Kynance Cove has also featured in films and TV shows, such as ‘House of the Dragon’ (the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel), 'Ladies in Lavender' and ‘Poldark’.


Exploring Kynance Cove

Today, Kynance Cove is still a favourite spot for both locals and tourists. Managed by the National Trust, it’s well-maintained to preserve its natural beauty. There’s a National Trust car park above the beach, where members can park for free year-round ( TR12 7PJ or what3words:///rebounded.wove.across), it’s pay and display for non-members. The walk to the beach from the car park is steep and uneven in places with a steep flight of steps near the bottom. It takes about 10 minutes. There's a longer path more suitable for buggies (although it is stony and uneven) which takes you round to the cafe, but then there are stones to climb over to get on to the beach.

Steps down to Kynance Cove

Steps to Kynance Cove © Find Me a Beach


Kynance Cove can get very busy in the summer, especially July, August and September. Then the car park fills up quickly, so it’s best visited outside of the school holidays or get there early in the morning. Alternatively park in Lizard village or at Lizard Point and walk over along the coast path, about 2.5 miles distance.

At the beach, you can explore caves and rock pools that appear at low tide. On calm days the turquoise waters are perfect for a paddle, and the soft sands are ideal for sunbathing or picnicking. For those looking for a challenge, the South West Coast Path offers hikes with incredible views of the coastline.


Practical Tips

When visiting Kynance Cove, it’s important to check the tides. The beach is best visited at low tide when more of the sand and rock formations are visible. At high tide, much of the beach is underwater and the water can come in quickly, making certain areas inaccessible. Take care when exploring the caves and more remote parts of the beach not to get cut off.

There are no lifeguards on duty at Kynance Cove, so it’s crucial to be extra cautious. Kynance Cove can experience strong currents, powerful waves and there are submerged rocks.

Facilities at Kynance Cove include public toilets in the car park and a café just above the beach.

Image of Kynance Cove Cafe

Kynance Cove Café at high tide © Find Me a Beach


Are Dogs Allowed at Kynance Cove?

Dogs are not allowed on the beach from 1 July - 31 August 10am - 6pm but they are welcome at other times of the year and on the footpaths around the area all year round. Here is some more information from the National Trust on visiting Kynance with your dog


Conservation Efforts

The National Trust works hard to protect Kynance Cove’s delicate ecosystem. Visitors are encouraged to stay on designated paths, take their litter home, and avoid disturbing wildlife. These efforts help keep Kynance Cove pristine for future visitors.

Whether you’re drawn by its stunning views or white sands and turquoise waters, Kynance Cove is an unforgettable place. Especially if you can manage to visit at a quieter time of the year when you may be lucky enough to have parts of the beach to yourself.

Image of Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove © Find Me a Beach

Main photo: Kynance Cove © Find Me a Beach

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