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Find Me a Beach App - FAQs

Your questions answered

Read our FAQs, let us know if you have questions unanswered

What do I get without subscribing?

There are 3 beach profiles available without a subscription so that you can explore the app's functionality and the level of detail that we provide. You can also freely search so that you can see filtered beaches - just not their profiles.


How do I subscribe?

Select any beach that is padlocked and you’ll be presented with the subscription screen. All subscriptions are managed via your Google Play or iTunes account making it easy to control.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Please cancel via your Google Play or iTunes account.


How many beaches do I get access to with a subscription?

All the 240+ curated beaches.


Does the app work offline?

There is limited offline capability. If you have visited the beach profile before with a data connection then this will be saved for a limited time. We recommend visiting the beach profile with a data connection on the day of your visit.


How do I find a sheltered beach?

Find the direction of the wind from the forecast. Use the beach-facing options to identify beaches that are facing away from the wind. For example: if the wind is coming from the north then choose beaches that face south. Please note that some beaches have low hills behind them and even though they may face south the wind will blow from behind the beach.


How do I find a windy beach?

Find out the wind direction from the forecast then use the beach-facing options to select a beach facing the wind. E.g. in a southerly wind choose a beach facing south.


I've found an inaccuracy with one of your beach profiles, what do I do?

As you can imagine, beach stuff changes regularly and we do our best to keep on top of this. On the beach profile where you have found an issue, please scroll down to the bottom and select the "Inaccuracies, let us know" button - this will open your email with the name of the beach in the subject. Please briefly let us know what the problem is and we will investigate and update accordingly.

Cornwall beaches - aerial view of Porthcurno
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